Mozfest Is Coming

Want to help make scientific code better and more open?

We’re really excited to announce that we’ll be running an interactive session at MozFest 2017 in London at the end of October. The session might be suitable for you if you meet any of these criteria:

  • you have an interest in (or write) open source code
  • you’d like to learn more about the academic publishing model
  • you write software for research. Perhaps you consider yourself a research software engineer.
  • you think scientific software should be open source

What we’ll be doing

The session will be around 60 minutes long. After a brief slide intro explaining the issue (TL;DR: Scientific code needs to be open source in order to be useful and peer reviewed), we’ll move into an interactive session where we jot down ideas on post-it notes and go over them in a group to discuss:

  • Why scientific code often isn’t peer reviewed (and why it’s accepted this way!)
  • What can we fix this?
  • Who do we need to influence to fix it?

The outputs of this session will be written up and added to this site. Interested contributors will be invited to participate in the project, which will eventually results in creating a list of journals that require code to have an open source licence, and hoping to generally sway culture towards further openness.

If you can’t attend the session, we’d still love your input!

If you have feelings on the subject, drop us a line or add your thoughts to the MozFest discussion on GitHub.